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In 2010 the art agency Boom Art Department aka B.A.D.  was launched and in 2019 BAD started publishing comic books via BAD PRESS COMICS.


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Check out what Richard Boom is up to with himself, Boom Art Department and his comic book publishing!

Our story

Richard Boom started out in the comic industry as your regular fanboy, just reading comics and enjoying it even more due to the internet and making contact with creators. As his contact list grew, so did his interest in the complete field of comic. Starting up a Bad Grrl Comics Fan Club in 2001 was the first step to go further then his own living room. Shortly after he began setting up websites for Arthur Suydam, Eric Basaldua, Broadsword Comics and focussing on titles like Vampirella, Cavewoman, Hack/Slash and more…

A visit to F.A.C.T.S. (a Belgium convention) gave Richard the opportunity to work with the organization and has been affiliated with this convention since 2006, helping them when and where he can; from seeking sponsorships, contacting artists to be their guests, to helping manage the Artist Alley.

At this convention he met the founder of Broken Frontier and shortly thereafter began doing headlines for this news site. After a while doing PR, Richard and the CEO of BF decided it was better to part ways and Richard started Comics For Sinners, mixing his love for PR’s with his original concept of the Bad Grrl Comics Fan Club

Boom Art Department is founded after Richard kept getting more into art and comics. Richard’s contacts/network grew exponentially as did his work in the indy comic book scene, doing PR/marketing, editorial duties and more…

He decided it would be best to represent the artists and clients more professionally and thus Boom Art Department aka B.A.D. was founded.

After years of collecting MUMMY sketches and commissions, he got this itch and wanted to create a comic about this. In 2019 he did so and much more!!

He even created a publishing company called BAD PRESS COMICS to not even publish his own, but also perhaps of others!


Most frequent questions and answers

True. Only for a select few artists and clients though.

of sorts… I currently only do it for my OWN title and for a BAD-artist (Eliseu Gouveia) and only via Kickstarter. Perhaps I will expand, perhaps I will not… the future will tell

well, if you are interested in contributing on SISTERHOOD, then sure, why not! 🙂


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